Genre: Horror Experiential
Duration: 8 months (Junior)
Team: 10 (4 Programmers, 5 Designers, 1 Artist)
Platform: PC

A young man attempts to look for his wife in an abandoned mansion while being hunted by an invisible, bloodthirsty monster that can only be seen through his reflection in a mirror.

Spectrophobia – a morbid fear of mirrors and your own reflection. A young man enters an abandoned mansion with his wife, in search of inspiration for her new book. To his horror, she gets taken away by an unknown assailant, and he is forced to go through the mansion in his descent into madness to search of her. The castle has been laid out with mirrors, as though something has happened there before. The young man finds notes and diaries around that tell a story of what happened here. As he fearfully trudges through the mansion floors, an invisible, bloodthirsty monster stalks him. The monster leaps from wall to wall, floors to ceilings, and tries to hunt down and kill the young man.

The player plays as this young man in the first-person view, who is determined to rescue his wife from the haunted mansion, and then escape it. After exploration of the mansion, the player will also find multiple dead ends, that can only be overcome by making use of the mirrors, which reveal the truth, and the real world. Whatever the player sees in the mirrors, materialize in real life as well, and he has to use them to access hidden rooms or find hidden areas of the environment.


  • Designed and implemented component based engine
  • Programmed graphics, including hardware skinning, deferred shading (point, directional, projective) and novel render target based reflection algorithm
  • Helped in the development of the rigid body dynamics present
  • Aided in tool development
  • Led a team of 3 programmers and 2 designers.