About Me
My name is Bryan Dismas Yeo. I am a self-driven individual, who loves the technical aspects of game development. I specialize primarily in Computer Graphics and Engine Architecture but I also have experience in Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Gameplay Programming.

I have always been fascinated by computers and video games. As a child, like many of my peers, I grew up playing a wide variety of games. However, unlike the others, I had a stronger desire to create games than play them. Finding a calling in programming, I soon picked up the skills essential to building video games. Over the years, I have honed my talent into building scalable game frameworks with the aim of utilizing the latest technology. My dream is and always has been to “make an impact in the game industry”.

Welcome to my online portfolio! Here you will find the works I have been creating over the course of my journey as a game developer. This includes the games I have developed during my time as a student, as well as other projects that I may have contributed to.

If you have any inquiries about a specific piece of work, feel free to contact me!

Engine Programming

Engine Architecture has always been one of my key interests in video game programming. I believe that a strong scalable engine is forms the foundation of any good game. With knowledge in Hierarchical Based, Component Based and Data Oriented Design, I aim to build engines that are cache friendly, light weight and versatile.

Computer Graphics

Another key aspect of my development is Computer Graphics. I have always believed that good games should look great. Having great graphics means a game has the potential for awesome visual appeal. In terms of Computer Graphics, I am well versed with Graphic Engine development, Shader Pipelines, Material Systems and am currently experimenting with Physics-based Rendering.

Leadership Qualities

Another skill I have honed throughout my college education is the ability to lead the technical development of small to medium sized teams. This includes making difficult decisions and removing bottlenecks. I have developed a keen sense for optimizing team workflows and designing systems that have as little cross-member dependency as possible.